About the Company


Patchell Industries Ltd was established in 1972 as a small general engineering workshop and has grown to the size where it employs over 200 staff with its Head office located in Rotorua and manufacturing facilities occupying 9 nearby sites. 

Initially the Company’s primary focus was on the manufacture of attachments such as bulldozer blades, rippers, bush canopies for bulldozers working in the forest and structural repairs to heavy equipment of all types including log transport equipment. 

After repairing repeated failures in Road Transport Trailers in the late 70’s, Patchell Industries entered into their own design and manufacture of on-and off-highway logging trailers and associated truck equipment in conjunction with their manufacture of in forest tracked log loaders and attachments for heavy earthmoving equipment where an emphasis on high quality design, manufacture and customer service has made it a leader in the New Zealand market. 

When the company began its stainless steel tanker manufacturing division in 2004, followed by its procurement of the highly regarded Swinglift® Brand Container Side Loader product in 2005, it added another arrow to the Patchell bow. 

A depth of practical experience, excellence in production engineering and commitment to “right-first-time” design has put the Patchell Group in a unique position to deliver vehicles which meet the challenges of the logging, container and liquid food grade transport trailer environment today and in the years ahead. 

In engineering a range of vehicles often used in a harsh physical and commercial environment, the Patchell Group has developed significant expertise in the cost-effective design, fabrication and repair of high-performance structures, and has applied this to a variety of fields, including manufacture and design. 

The Patchell Group remains New Zealand’s Number 1 Heavy Transport Trailer Manufacturer.

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